Rachel Dixon/ Puschkinia

People Pleaser


Court: Spring
Kith: Boggans
Seeming: Wilder (18)
Merits: Natural Linguist, Hidden Strength
Flaws: Teddy bear, Doormat, Changeling’s eyes
Backgrounds: Mentor (4), Holding (3)
Arts: Aphrodesia (1)
Realms: Fae (2)
Seelie Legacy: Panderer
Unseelie Legacy: Knave


In 1966, Rachel Dixon was born into a big family household and always offered to help with chores. Despite her startling yellow eyes, nobody ever suspected Rachel of being a changeling until her chrysalis happened. Luckily, another boggan quickly took Rachel under her wing and hired her as a part-time waitress at her high-class restaurant. Her mentor, Lady Guava, didn’t permit Rachel to explore the faerie world while she visited but she often sneaked into town for quick peaks. Preferring to be either doing household chores or working in the restaurant, Rachel did the bare minimum to graduate from her high school before opening her own cafe ‘Aim to Please’ (or ATP for short), using the money she got from her job and her mentor’s influence.

Due to Rachel’s short height and plump exterior, she looks harmless although she is stronger than she looks.

Rachel hopes to explore more of the faerie land while running a successful business. She loves to be social and to hear gossip. In the human world she is doing a business management course and tends to watch cop dramas at home. Uneasy around sad people, she will do her best to keep spirits high and can never say no to someone in need, no matter how small or big the request…

Rachel Dixon/ Puschkinia

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