Scott Wright/Heder

Sad Troll


Merits: Code of honour (see fluff for the code), Police ties
Flaws: Flashbacks, Lifesaver, Changeling eyes
Backgrounds: Resources 2, Contacts 1 (police), Chimerical Item 1(Hammer)
Arts: Primal 1
Realms: Nature 2, Prop 1


There is little worth mentioning about Scott before his 15th birthday. He did okay in school, but his tendencies to trust everyone around him tended to get him into trouble, but he did alright for himself. He was never the best at learning but few managed to outwit him once he decided to use his wits.
This changed however on the day Scott turned 15, the day of his chrysalis. After his chrysalis he was very confused, he could see a faint view where everything was as it is supposed to be, but on top of that view he saw a different reality, a reality that he was unable to understand, he was unsure what he was seeing. He could see the natural energies, how he knew that he didn’t know. But the most startling change was Scott himself. he had always been a large guy and had broad shoulders, but that was even more so now. He had the same build, but had grown 2 feet taller. His new form had a skin tone he had never seen before, a colour that almost looked blue. His dark hair remained the same colour, but had grown longer, it was now down all the way to his shoulders. He found a mirror in his room to see what more had changed with him. The first thin he noticed was that he somehow had grown what looked like small horns on top of his head. The next thing he noticed was his teeth, they had grown longer, sharper. With time he also got a feeling of having more strength than he usually had, but he needed to will it forth in order to use it. He had always been a trusting kid but that grew even more with his Chrysalis, he just felt that a word, a promise was something binding, something that shouldn’t be betrayed, no matter what. He was unsure how these new feelings would work together so he drew himself away, trusting few and letting fewer know him. He rarely gave his word for anything, and never let anyone give him their word, having a feeling it could lead to terrible things in case they didn’t take it seriously enough.
This changed when he was 19 years old and met Jane. At this point he had been working with the police for a year in different ways, usually as a volunteer. But he had recently got employed as an assistant to one of the local detectives. It was in this capacity he met Jane. She was at the police station to be support for her friend that had been assaulted. Scott felt that something was different with Jane and he wanted to know what it was, so he asked to meet up with her at a later point. Jane must have felt something as well as she accepted. They met up several times and it didn’t take long before they started dating. They continued dating while Jane studied biology at the local collage and Scott continued to work at the precinct and rose through the ranks. When he was 22 years old he was made an official detective and to celebrate he went out with Jane, during the dinner he proposed to her and she accepted readily.
It was all well and good until a couple of months later, Scott had a feeling that something was different with Jane, he asked what it was but she claimed it was nothing. The feeling persisted however and after a month he happened upon a letter asking Jane to meet for dinner, at a time when she had said she was working. He confronted her about this and she broke down and admitted that she had been cheating on him for several months. When he heard this something broke inside of him, everything got tinted with red and that’s the last thing he can remember before snapping out of it. When he snapped out f it he saw Jane lying still in front of him, badly hurt and he could see blood all over. He quickly called for an ambulance and she was taken in for emergency care. In the end she survived but she will never walk again, she lost any senses below her waist, and her left arm was broken at several places. This was when Scott realized what his chrysalis had made him, how it had broken him, made him little less than a rabid beast, a human with a beast inside only waiting to lash out at the ones he cared about. He continued his work at the precinct, but most of his spare time was spent at home. Even when with friends he was distant, never promising anything and never asking for anything more than the most simple of tasks.
He realized however that living that way wouldn’t work in the long run, he made up a set of rules for himself to follow, a code of honour to make sure that what happened with Jane never will happen again.
The code was as follows: Never let innocents get harmed, if required give your all to defend them. Never accept promises that you are unsure if it can be fulfilled or not. Never give a promise you can’t make sure you can follow. Minimize any destruction caused in case it is demanded.
After a while memories started to return of when he went into a rage and disabled Jane, he isn’t sure if they are real memories or just something his brain made up, but when in stressful situations they returned in full force, almost breaking him. Some nights he wakes up screaming and covered in sweat, having relived that moment in his dreams.

Scott Wright/Heder

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