? / Lir

The Pretty One


Court: Fall
Kith: Sidhe
Seeming: Wilder (19?)

Merits: Daredevil, Surreal Beauty
Flaws: Ward, Amnesia, Anachronism, Overconfident
Backgrounds: ?

Arts: Wayfare (2)
Realms: Fae (1), Prop (1), Scene (1)

Seelie Legacy: Troubadour
Unseelie Legacy: Peacock


There is, of course, a great deal to say about Lir’s life before his Chrysalis. His is a truly wondrous tale of daring deeds and vanquished foes.
Unfortunately, he can’t quite recall them, so they will have to wait for another day.

Tall, slender, and beautiful beyond measure, Lir in many way represents the ideal of the Sidhe in the public eye. He is, however, completely lacking in their more subtle tools of deception.
Regardless, after undergoing his Chrysalis he found himself spending much of his time in Arcadia.
He was often hosted in various houses, high and low, and although he may have been oblivious to their reasons for having him he was very aware of his positive qualities so of course they must be the reason. He was, after all, quite perfect.
During this time, he took advantage of the hospitality of his peers to learn much of the fae, and of their magics. He even picked up some understanding of the intricate politicking of the realm.

Now and then, however, he is drawn back to the mortal world. Things are often more interesting there, backwards as that may seem. More going on, right in front of him, rather than everything behind the scenes. More than that, he is frequently drawn to one mortal in particular despite not knowing why (ward, to be expanded upon), usually watching over from afar.

? / Lir

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