Anna Volkova / Syyo

Mean, Rebellious Artist


Court: Fall
Kith: Nocker
Seeming: Wilder – 20
Merits: Speedy Hammer
Flaws: Sell-out, Foul mouth, Hatred (see fluff for hated entity)
Backgrounds: Resources x5
Arts: Chicanery x1
Realms: Actor x3

Seelie Legacy: Crafter
Unseelie Legacy: Rake


Anna Volkova was born in 1964 in the Soviet Union, although she did not spend much time there. At the age of 2, her parents fled the country and immigrated to the United States with their considerable wealth due to political pressure. Her early life was mostly pleasant, as she was forming a very healthy relationship with her parents. At the age of 16 however, this all changed with a serious car accident her parents and her were involved in. A bunch of raggedly dressed people were in the middle of a road in a scarcely populated area, all gathered around a fire. Anna’s father noticed them fairly late, and tired to swerve as to not kill them, but all he managed to do is crash head on into a building. She passed out from the impact, only to wake later in the hospital, although seemingly unharmed. Anna managed to escape the accident without a single major injury. She was relieved to hear this, although her happiness soon came to an end when she heard both her parents perished in the incident.
Soon after the incident, she was let go from the hospital and sent to the Volkov family mansion, which she had inherited, along with a small amount of the family wealth and a trust fund with a monthly payout.
The first couple of weeks spent home, with only the presence of the butlers and maids were depressing to Anna. She would only spend time moping about and contemplating if life even meant anything, until one day she felt a bit strange. She started having visions of a slightly different world, a world inhabited by strange creatures and all types of magical energies. At first she dismissed these thoughts as nothing more than fragments of her imagination, until she saw herself in the mirror. She, too, was one of the types of strange creatures she noticed in the world. Everything started to add up in her mind, and she snapped out, deciding to change her life for the better, to reach said different world. She took up woodworking, in the memory of her late father, which always enjoyed carving in wood as a past-time.
A year after the accident, she was a completely different person. She became quite talented at what she did, very perceptive of the world surrounding her and also slightly scary to the people around her. Anna’s friends both respected and kind of feared her, as she didn’t really seem to care too much about the consequences of anything. She would say whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, and sometimes even act upon her threats. With all the change that came upon her life, one thing couldn’t be change. Her hatred for the people that seemingly caused her parents’ demise. She had a severe and brutal hatred of anyone that seemed homeless, or simply very poor. People at first thought she was just making crude jokes since she was rich, until one by one they realised her hatred was incredibly real and dangerous.
Slowly but surely, Anna Volkova shaped herself into what she is today. A smart but complete rebellious woodworker with a strong hatred for any person that seemed homeless. With all that, she is not an unapproachable person, and can be quite a good friend, ready to help whenever needed. For a price.

Anna Volkova / Syyo

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