Penny Dubois / Paprika


Court – Autumn
Seeming – Wilder (19)
Kith – Pooka (Boreal Owl)
Seelie Legacy – Courtier
Unseelie Legacy – Fool

Background – Treasures (crystal ball (omen))
Arts – Legerdemain
Realms – Nature 1 and Prop 1

Merits – Good listener, Calming Presence and Physical Abnormality
Flaws – Animalistic Features


It is safe to say that Penny Dubois is of French ancestry and lived in the city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada with her Mum and Dad. Until the age of 14 she had a pretty normal life as a mischievous and joyful child, never failing to make those around her laugh as they waited intently for her next stunt or prank. Despite being liked she kept herself to herself and was a bit of a notorious liar and disliked those who she classed as self-righteous or had a high ego. This often ended up with her in back in the principles office, where she would lie her way into another detention.
By the time she was 14 her life turned around and she noticed a world quite different to the one she had lived in as a child. Her fascination for owls became more of a way of life than an interest. The Boreal Owl in her had flipped her body clock completely and she found herself most energetic from duck until dawn. The year after that her grades at school dropped rapidly as she often was either asleep or daydreaming during class, that was if she actually showed up to class. She preferred to spend her time in the middle of the town or in the middle of a forest. In town she would people watch and try and spread tiny bits of joy around. By 15 she had made up her mind and dropped out of school completely. She packed her things and what little money she had and set off on an adventure, leaving her parents and home behind.
As she travelled from town to town and grew up she didn’t really grow at all, barley reaching the 5ft mark on a good day and keeping a very cutesy appearance, like the one she had as a child. She became notorious for her appearance when she found her calling as traveling street performer. People would note on how her manner and appearance was. She had a red tinge to her dark brown hair which was streaked and speckled with white. Her eyes were what most people commented on as they were big, bright and yellow in colour. She had a never ending amount of excuses for why her eyes “appeared” yellow. Often, due to her travels, she appeared unsociable. This was due to her hanging out under the nearest tree or shady spot until the evening, where she would start performing. Despite this it wasn’t uncommon for her to be seen playing around with people, especially kids.
It was her charisma that first found her standing in the middle of a town square, surrounded by faces and bringing them joy as she accidently popped the bubble of “morally superior” women who had a strong dislike to playing children. Discovering how much laughter she gave to those who watched that day, she continued to juggle and perform her unusual magic tricks to crowds. Her magic consisted of “slight of hand” where unsuspecting members of the audience would find their objects in her hand or in someplace else entirely. She’d even dabble in fortune telling when getting the chance as she carried with her a crystal ball she had found on her travels. People strangely enough would pour their heart out to her without much effort and often felt great because of it. Perhaps it was her line of work, or perhaps there was something else about her that you humans could not quite put your finger on.

Penny Dubois / Paprika

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